Top 10 Writing Pen Brands in India

Writing is one of the essential skills. Good handwriting is an advantage to one and all. Students and adults benefit as it impacts their grades and is an important part of their daily routine, such as office work, filling bank account details, etc. The pen is an ideal writing instrument for anyone from every sphere of work. From Students to Doctors and scientists, it plays a vital role in society worldwide. It is believed that a person’s handwriting speaks a volume about his/her personality. Thus it has become imperative to have excellent and neat handwriting. All the more, it enhances the confidence of the person as there is no erasing option therefore, a person thinks and writes.

Therefore by making use of good quality of pen, it can be done. The trend will never go out of fashion as this can provide a reasonable way to document something that you want to preserve for a long time. If you are using a good quality of pen, this will bring a lot of confidence and express yourself adequately.

Although now the time has changed, and we are looking towards digital print media, everyone prefers to write first as technology dependency can be harmful. The pens are of various types and suites to any group of people. Since writing is an essential constituent of our life, many brands of best quality of pens have come into existence, and the individual has to decide to buy the best brand accordingly.

Top 10 Famous Brands Leading the Global Pen Market

1) Cello

This brand was founded in the year 1995 and is one of the most prominent stationary brands in India. Later in December 2015 French major stationary organization BIC acquired 100% ownership of Cello. It has a wide range of variety in its writing products which is distributed throughout the globe.

2) Camlin

It is one of the most trusted brands in India for stationary solutions. The brand came into existence in 1931 and is making good luxurious pens for the people. Apart from pens, they also manufacture pencils, fountain pens, marker pens, inks, etc.

3) Aurora

It is an Italian brand having a vast network throughout the globe. The brand name is famous for fine writing instruments and many other stationery goods. Aurora today is one of Italy’s largest manufacturers of stationery items having colossal demand.

4) Parker Pens

This Company is another leading luxury pen manufacturer, founded in 1888 in the US and currently headquartered in France and the UK, where its primary production is located. It’s quality and smart manufacturing has established itself as one of India’s best pen brands.

5) Sheaffer Pen

The pens of this brand have been included in one of the market’s high class writing instrument makers. It is a French company primarily known for its Luxurious fountain pens. These pens are sleek, having the capacity to work for long periods without any outflow.

6) A.T. Cross Pens

Established in 1846 in America, Cross today has become one of the best pen brands in India. The brands boast of its iconic premium quality pens. Cross is one of the oldest and leading luxury writing material producers in the world. It has now been well known in the writing industry for over 160 years.

7) Reynolds Pen

This brand is based in the USA. The company is producing affordable pens for people. Reynolds has earned the name by providing some of the finest and economical pens to purchase in the world.  This is the most preferred and admired brand in India. Sachin Tendulkar – the God of Cricket, features in this brand’s commercial, thus increasing its market value.

8) Papermate Pen

It is an excellent brand for all your stationery requirements. It is the most popular and highly required pen, which is the best choice for students and professionals. You can find multiple categories in Paper mate like Bold, extra bold, Smooth, expressive, comfy, etc. all these provide a vivid writing experience.

9) Waterman pens

Its current style can be an excellent gift for your loved ones and a super stylish accessory for you. It comes in metallic hues, and its fashionable look makes it a great companion for writing. The statement this pen makes leaves a profound impact on the people, and of course, the writer who once uses this pen cannot think of using any other pen. You can buy these pens online, and the categories of this pen include Ball Pen, Gel Pen, Fountain Pen, and others. It is mostly used for corporate gifting or is famous amongst the elite class of writers.

10) Mont Blanc Pen

This Germany-based writing-pen brand was established in the year 1906. The company has remained popular across the world. This one of India’s best pen brands are also known for producing luxury writing instruments apart from pens. It is known to be one of the world’s highest-selling writing-pen brands.

Although the market is swamped with the end number of brands offering different types of pens, you must still opt for the one that suits your requirement. These are available in all the price ranges. For students, a good grip and a long life of pen are essential, whereas anything that looks luxurious and within their spending limit can be bought for working professionals. For business class people, an elite and an elegant pen is a must; as stated above, Pens reflect a lot about your personality. According to demand and budget, these top brands will surely give worth to your money.

If you choose any writing-pen out of the list mentioned above, it is assumed that you would like to express yourself time and again. These pens are easily available in any stationery shop as well as online.

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